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Sommerjobb - Phosphate flexiblity

Mastering technology and development has always been a key to the commercial success of Yara’s products. Yara Technology Center is located in Porsgrunn, Norway.

The focus is to improve existing processes and technologies as well as to develop new and innovative solutions for processes and products.

One of the key challenges faced during the production of compound (NPK) fertilizers using the nitrophosphate process is a sudden change in the rheology of the process liquor during the neutralization of the acidic liquor with ammonia. The resulting increase in viscosity, or thickening, of the liquor can result in several issues, such as clogging of various process units, decreased production, or poor final product quality. In the worst cases, thickening can lead to a complete stop in the plant, which is both costly and time-consuming.

This summer project will explore methods to mitigate or prevent thickening, with experiments carried out in a laboratory-scale neutralization pilot plant. The key elements in the composition of the raw materials that influence the thickening are believed to be Mg and F, as well as Al and Fe. The summer student will perform experiments to remove Mg and/or F from the liquor prior to neutralization and study the subsequent effect on the thickening behavior of the liquor.

The student will be involved in the design of the experiments and be introduced to practical applications of industrial R&D, as well as gain new skills in operating laboratory-scale pilot plants. The student will also gain insight into the chemistry of the nitrophosphate process, and the experience of working in a diverse and multicultural environment in an established research center that is part of a large industry.
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29. oktober 2023
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